Sam's Journal

A few weeks ago, one of my guitar students, Sam Jackson, asked to interview me for a school project, as one of the most interesting people he knows. So herewith I give you snippets of Sam's take on me.

"Marita was born in Springfield, Il. date unknown (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) In spite of attending Sacred Heart Grade School, the one with the mean nuns, she turned out fine."

"Marita started playing the guitar when she was ten and couldn't get enough of it like a crack addict who has a lifetime supply of crack."

"Marita has touched the souls and hearts of many........without Marita all of her students would have to learn guitar from a boring, non-inspirational mentor that had no sense of humor........that is why everyone loves the mystical and wonderous, Marita Brake."

For more: See my Facebook page with Sam's picture.


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