I Won Christyfest Poetry Contest!

I am so honored to announce that my poem "Hattie's Christmas Ballad" was chosen as the winning poem in the annual Christyfest Fiction and Poetry Contest for this year. Thanks goes out to all who voted for me and to the hardworking Christyfest Team. Christyfest, is held every year in the Great Smokey Mountains, in honor of the book, Christy which was also a television series. My poem was based on the character, Hattie, played by Judy Collins. She was a blind mountain singer and songcatcher in the series. I imagined Hattie retelling the Christmas story in the old, mountain way. Anyone know Judy Collin's e-mail? I'd love to share it with her. If you would like to read the poem go to: http://coveguest.bravehost.com/08main.html

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