Farethee well, Mary Travers

Tonite I am so saddened and wistfully wishing I could step back in time to the first time I heard Mary Travers sing. It was as magical a moment as I will ever recall. This iconic folk performer, one third of Peter, Paul and Mary, opened a whole new world for me when I was only twelve. She inspired me, motivated me and made me believe in the richness of life. I once met Mary backstage at an outdoor event. She was getting herself together to sing before a very raucous audience that would be a tough crowd for anyone to have to sing for. Yet, even in her nervousness, she took time to remind me that the path in music has at times, its ups and downs, wrong turns and disappointments, a richness that can't be bought and a soul that can't be sold. Thank you Mary for all of your lovliness. Youwill be sorely missed.

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